Top Wellness Experts Share Their #1 Habit To Conquer This Year

Everyday guide to living sustainably: Master your habits in 2021

We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when 2020 ended. Only to find that the chaos and disquiet of a pandemic is still well and truly alive in the new year. However while we can’t control the world around us, we can choose how we respond and get on with our lives.

With that in mind, we’ve asked some of Australia’s leading health experts to share the healthy habits they intend to work on this year and why those habits are important to them. This is what we found.

Claire Astrides, founder of the Mindology App

I am working on my Mindset: Mental Focus and Clarity. I am going to do this by asking myself more questions. While positive affirmations are useful for changing subconscious beliefs and programming. Questions are a directive and send a command to our subconscious mind to find the answers and solutions. 

 For example, say out loud –  

I want to lose weight, or I am a size 10   

Then say out loud. How can I lose 5 kilos over the next two months? 

Asking the question sends a directive to our subconscious mind to search and fetch back the answers. Ask questions that are direct and positively frame them (e.g., How can I lose weight vs. How can I not be fat ). Also, add a time frame to your questions, as our subconscious minds love working to a deadline.

Ben Lucas, Director of Flow Athletic

My habit will be to journal every morning and every evening. Even just a few lines on what I am looking forward to that day and my hopes for the future.

I find when I am consistent with this, it helps with my anxiety and my sleeping and after 2020, we need it!

Adala Bolto, founder of ZADI

One healthy habit I will be working on is getting more sleep for rest, recovery performance and anti-ageing. 

I came to this decision when I had the luxury to sleep in longer and go to bed earlier during lockdown. I felt some huge benefits including mood boost, more energy and I can honestly say I looked happier and healthier overall. Now it’s just a habit that I want to continue with – it’s definitely helped me become even more productive.

Luke Mcleod, the founder of meditation service Soul Alive

Funnily enough, the key habit I’ll be working on this year is actually how to master sticking with habits. More specifically, self-disicpline. One thing I’ve come to realise is that if you have weak self-discipline it doesn’t matter how good your goals and intentions are,  the probability of you achieving them is dramatically less if you haven’t mastered the art of self-discipline. So my priority this year is to study, consume content, and apply actions around just that.

Psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray

My habit this year will be Mastery – learning something new whether it be a skill or acquiring new knowledge can boost mood and it helps me stay aligned with my core value of continuing professional development and contributing to people’s lives. Alongside my professional development training, I plan to listen to a TedTalk and read a scientific study each day, to continue to build my knowledge, challenge myself, and help people live their life. Learning is also two-way, and I cherish the learning I take away from the inspiring people I meet every day.  

Nutritionist, naturopath and clinic owner Madeleine Calfas

I’m working on a minimum of 30mins of exercise each day, whether it is walking, cycling, swimming, yoga or weights, my healthy goal is to get moving for 30mins or more every day.

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