7 Fun Activities To Kick Start Your Year

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If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need to take better care of ourselves and our wellbeing. A new year is upon us, and despite it feeling like you’ve made a compromise by not celebrating NYE, seeing family or travelling overseas, there are plenty of positive ways to start 2021 that will set you on the right trajectory for the year ahead.

Here are 5 fun activities to help you build a positive platform for 2021.


Also consider your mental health. Soul Alive is a great live meditation service that is very approachable. There are also several apps to helps you with stress reduction, getting a good nights sleep and visualisation exercises. 

The service currently offers live guided classes throughout the week. The structure is designed to make it easier for people to stick-with meditation all from the comfort of your own home.

Stand-up paddle boarding

Whether you’re looking for a new fitness activity, some time to relax, or a fun date idea – it’s time to hit the water and explore with a paddle in hand. Stand up paddle boarding is an all over body workout, but it is also good for the mind and the soul to be out in nature and taking some time out.

If you go with an inflatable SUP board from Red Paddle Co, it will make it easier for you to get to the secret and hidden spots to explore, plus they are easier to carry.

Consider a retreat

If you, like many of us ended 2020 feeling run down and tired, then 2021 may be the year that you consider a retreat or some form of self care for your holidays. As we may not be going far internationally next year, it may be a good time to check out areas in Australia that can be good for the mind and the soul. 

If you’re looking to get your wellness fix, there are plenty of top shelf health retreats ready to whip your body (and soul) into shape. Maybe you’re after some serious sweating and calorie burning, or perhaps you’re in more of a meditation and downward dog kind of mood.

Practice gratitude 

It can be hard to see the glass as half full right now. But there are still things we take for granted, and often we don’t realise how lucky we truly are. Taking time to show gratitude by writing it in a journal at each morning can improve your mood, and change your overall outlook on life.

If you’re new to this, try by writing down 3 things each morning that you are grateful for.  This will slowly start to program your subconscious to look more positively at the world.

Get creative to improve emotional wellbeing

Ever had an idea you wished you could explore, or an interest you were just too busy to focus on? With all this spare time on your hands, now is the perfect time to start. Studies have shown that people with hobbies or interests outside of work are typically happier, less stressed, and more motivated to achieve their goals.

There are loads of online tools available to help you build a website, create a product, write a blog, learn an instrument, paint a picture, or improve your fitness; plus many online institutions such as EdX and Coursera offer hundreds of free online courses and workshops teaching just about anything you can think of. Youtube can even teach you skills you never knew you needed, like how to make kombucha, build a campfire or be a better dancer.

The hardest part is starting, so why not commit to one new personal project this month and see how it feels?

Try something new

As we have all been told time and time again, moving your body releases endorphins, chemicals in our brain which helps us release stress and boost our mood. Exercising daily can help you both physically and mentally, turning a bad mood into a better mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

The thought of a gym class for some may be very daunting so, if you’re one of those people, why not do something different, like tennis, swimming, barre or yoga? The most important thing is to create a routine and find an exercise that works best for you.

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