These Eco-Friendly Homes Are Architecturally Designed & Built In Just 6 Weeks

Dimensions X

What do you get when you pair a planet-conscious architect with an online media entrepreneur? A sustainable smart-home designed for the awakened modern world. 

Pre-eminent architect Peter Stutchbury, and Oscar Martin (Pedestrian TV), are reimagining a future with sustainable & low-cost homes, made to order in just 6 weeks.

Their company, Dimensions X (DimX), creates smart-homes that are planet-friendly, energy-efficient, and recyclable. They’re designed by the world’s most planet-conscious architects and delivered sustainably at the click of a button.

Dimensions X interior

Pretty impressive, right? Whether you’re looking for a new home on an urban block, for a field in the countryside, or a guest house in the garden; these dwellings are as affordable and eco-friendly as they are thoughtfully designed. They’re also proof that a small ecological footprint can still make a big visual impact. 

When it comes to delivery, the Dimensions X ordering process is completely digitised. Conscious buyers are able to select planet-friendly inclusions such as environmental roofs, solar energy, composting & rainwater tanks, beehive, energy efficiency white goods, furniture, smart-home technology, even eco-bedding. 

Dimensions X Sustainable smart-homes

Their homes are constructed using the world’s most sustainable building materials. Cross-laminated timber is carefully chosen for its airtight qualities, energy efficiency, and concrete-like strength. Major components are pre-crafted at an Australian plantation with millimetre precision and delivered directly to the site.

There are 4 standard sizes available for purchase ranging from OM1-1 (one module) to OM1-4 (four modules).

“Our OM1-1 model is a cost-effective, recyclable unit that can be delivered to the site and erected over a six-week period. It comes with environmental spatial and finish options and is the first low-cost pre-fab home that can accommodate a flexible environmental skylight system”, Stutchbury says.

“This system can be adapted to suit orientation providing flexibility over a range of sites. The unit is easily expanded or contracted and integrates with a refined ordering system that facilitates purchaser selection and associated costs”, he said.

Dimensions X range will be marketed from mid-2021 and available as a base model right up to the environmentally managed made-to-order home. The team is currently researching ‘future’ models that aim to challenge the architectural mould.

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