6 Sustainable Activities You Can Do With Friends 

Carriageworks Farmers Markets

As the weekend approaches, it’s easy to follow the same old routine. Exercise, lunch with mates, perhaps a visit to the pub. However, for those of us who are conscious of the impact we have on the environment, there are a bunch of sustainable activities that are just as enjoyable as your regular weekend routine, and perhaps more rewarding.

So we’ve put together this list to shine a light on some sustainable activities that you can enjoy with your pals. 

Organise an off-grid getaway

Unyoked Coralie Cabin off-grid getaway

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting around an open fire, having late-night conversations under the starry sky? Going off-grid can be a much needed therapeutic experience, allowing you to reconnect with nature and bond with friends. 

During your off-grid getaway, we also recommend taking a ‘leave no trace’ approach. You can show respect for our planet by leaving the environment as you found it. 

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Sounds easy enough, right? So gather your mates, pick a location and get planning! 

Start an upcycling project together

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Upcycling is the act of taking unwanted materials and discarded items and transforming them into something more useful or beautiful than they were found. 

In a hyper-consumerist culture, rescuing dilapidated and forgotten products and making them useful again is a truly rebellious act. So why not do it with your closest companions. 

Pinterest is full of upcycling inspiration. From fashion revamps to furniture revivals, there are projects for everyone. The best part? You can choose how much time, money and effort you want to invest in these sustainable activities. You can either decide to start small or jump straight into the deep end with a big project. So save some inspiration and chat with your friends to find mutual interests. 

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Try paddle boarding 

Sustainable travel SUP

Tired of restaurants, pubs and coffee dates? Why not ditch the safety of dry land, and try an activity that will not only get you away from the crowds, but give you both a LOL while you’re at it? But remember, it’s only funny when the other person gets wet.

If you go with an inflatable SUP board from Red Paddle Co, it will make it easier for you to get to the secret and hidden spots to explore, plus they are easier to carry. It’s a fun and easy way to explore, while still being able to chat and get to know more about one another.

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Check out your local farmers markets

Carriageworks Farmers Markets

More than ever, we’ve become conscious of where the food on our plate comes from. Who grew those flavourful tomatoes? Are the eggs free range? How, exactly, was the cheese made? Check out your local farmers markets, and you’ll find a sprawling affair where stalls sell everything from olives to oysters, fresh bread to flavourful fruit.

For the ultimate in freshness, go straight to the source. In the Hawkesbury, on the edge of Sydney, you can pick apples, pears, mandarins, oranges, nuts, stonefruit… and so much more, depending on the season. Look out for farm-gate honesty boxes where you can drop off a couple of coins in exchange for already harvested produce.

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Host a farm to table lunch 

Essential guide to living sustainably: Bombah Point Eco Cottages
Image credit: Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Is there anything more intimate than a long lunch with friends at home? Lunch at home allows for homely relaxation and freedom of conversation. It’s also one of our favourite sustainable activities, because we’re foodies at heart.

There’s good news. Farm-to-table dining is a concept almost everyone can take part in – no matter how big or small. Whether it’s your Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market or the microgreens you’ve recently nurtured to life on your kitchen bench – these are all steps to pave the way to a more sustainable lifestyle.

By incorporating seasonal produce from your own veggie garden or local farmers market, the goal of farm-to-table is to support local, organic and seasonal produce to reduce the environmental impacts associated with mass-farming.

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Go on a foraging tour

Learning how to correctly identifying different species of fungi or native edible plants can be a rewarding way to put food on the table, with the correct preparation and care.  Join a foraging tour in your city to discover the most common species growing in your garden, at the beach, in parks, and in forests. You’ll find out how they can be used for food, craft, and natural remedies.

Foraging isn’t only for the restauranteurs and want-to-be biologists amongst us. It’s also a great excuse to spend some time immersed in nature. Making the time to stop and appreciate nature is always a relaxing and worthwhile endeavour. 

So there you have it; we hope our list of sustainable activities has inspired you and your friends to organise a meaningful and sustainable catch-up. 

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