The New Plant-Powered Water Giving You A Head Start On Your Wellness Routine

PlantWater is a vitamin and mineral rich water alternative.

If there was a magic pill to achieve ultimate health and fitness, we would take it, right? Think about all the cash we would save on diets, detoxes, and wellness programs. While there’s no replacing the true cost of staying healthy (your time), there’s a new beverage called PlantWater that might just give you a head start.

The new vitamin and mineral rich water alternative, PlantWater offers the added convenience of having bottled with additional natural nutrients including chlorophyll, magnesium, and folate, that promote total body wellness.

Every day we’re becoming more focused on our health, constantly looking for ways to improve the way we feel, both physically and mentally. PlantWater is created from the life source of all plants – chlorophyll. This hero ingredient possesses anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifies the digestive system, stimulates weight loss, and interestingly, is a natural deodorizer for the human body. Magnesium, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Iron also sit atop the list of added nutrients that are going to enhance your glow and physical gusto from the inside out.

While aesthetically pleasing on the eye, this minimalist glass bottle is so much more than the next thirst quenching fad to line your Instagram feed. With ingredients that can boost immunity and energy levels, promote cell recovery, and aid with cognitive function, PlantWater is truly changing the way we hydrate.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve how we feel, physically and mentally, though no tablet or ingestible powder can provide the immediate sense of satisfaction that follows from drinking PlantWater. We’ve created a beverage that reflects the times; harnessing the power of plants and taking a much more holistic approach to hydration because you can choose wellness day in and day out”, says Jordan Coulter, Founder of PlantWater.

With almost a decade of health and fitness experience under his belt, Jordan has carved out a reputation as a leading wellness professional in Sydney. Having most recently held the position of Head Trainer and General Manager of Shelter Double Bay, Jordan is a prominent personal trainer who creates bespoke, goal-focused training programs for his clients. A healthy lifestyle advocate with a penchant for positivity, he’s passionate about empowering people to live a happier, healthier life.

Containing 18 perfectly blended and carefully curated nutrients and minerals sourced from Australia, and bottled locally in Sydney, this refreshing bottle of goodness is the newest way to hydrate, naturally.

This article is sponsored by PlantWater and proudly endorsed by This Weekend. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make our content possible. Remember to always sip sustainably.

Find PlantWater in the wild, at select boutique stockists and fitness venues across Sydney, or place your order online at www.plant-water.com.au available nationwide.

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