Sleep Better – 5 Tips According To This Sleep Expert

Living sustainably in your city: 5 tips to sleep better

Tossing and turning during the night is something we can all relate to. According to a recent study, 46% of Australians experienced insomnia during the pandemic. 

With plenty of rewards including increased energy, a stronger immunity, and less brain fog – it pays to get a good nights sleep.

Here are 5 simple and effective lifestyle hacks to ensure you sleep better tonight. 

Block out blue light

Before you go to bed it may feel tempting to scroll through your phone, but this is doing yourself a big disservice. Your phone, along with any tablet or laptop, emits blue light which can trick your brain into thinking it’s day time.

Australia’s leading sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo, says “this impairs your ability to release melatonin, the hormone that helps you to fall and stay asleep, so instead I recommend ditching the blue light at least two hours before bed”.  


The reason people keep preaching about meditation is because it actually works – especially for sleep.

Specifically, Research shows meditators have higher melatonin levels on the nights they meditate versus those nights they don’t; and over time, the evidence also indicates their melatonin levels are four times higher than those who don’t meditate. Remember – melatonin is the sleepiness hormone, so more equates to deeper, more restorative sleep.  

Have a shower or bath

The perfect way to wind down before bed is by taking a relaxing shower or bath. When you emerge from the steam to your cooler bathroom environment you experience a drop in core body temperature which also helps to promote melatonin synthesis.

“Having a routine like this is so important, not only for your sleep routine but to indulge in a little self-care too. Right now I’m really embracing this slower pace of life so my nights revolve around a shower, a really luxurious skincare routine inspired by Edible Beauty and their Sleeping Beauty bundle, followed by some aromatherapy to really set that sleepy mood”, explains Olivia Arezzolo. 

Use an eye mask

Using an eye mask can be the ultimate game changer when it comes to getting your beauty sleep. Eye masks help to block out any unwanted artificial light, which can help to realign your circadian rhythm. 

 Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is extremely beneficial no matter your circumstances. With a range of physical and emotional benefits, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t start building these habits earlier.

Create a ‘sleep better’ phone alarm

Another hot tip pulled from Olivia Arezzolo’s signature bedtime routine, is to set an alarm 1 hour before bed and label it ‘Sleep better’. This will help to hold yourself accountable and prompt you to ditch the tech before bedtime. 

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