2021 Plant Trend Report Reveals Importance Of Nature In Our Homes

Essential guide ti living sustainably: 2021 Plant Life Report

As we move into the post-pandemic era, and as we continue to realise how essential nature is to us and our planet — a 2021 Plant Trend report reveals our desire to live as one with nature is stronger than ever.

A new report from Plant Life Balance, has revealed that over half (59%) of Australians believe getting outside and connecting with nature is more important now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 2021 Plant Trend Report, the only of its kind and now in its second year, explores this renewed connection to nature, unpacking how the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally redefined our homes, and what we now want from them. 

For many, our homes became our only sanctuary during the pandemic, with the way we live, learn, work and play needing to adapt at record pace. The majority of Australians who purchased a plant in the past year did so to bring nature into their homes, signifying a strong desire from people to bring the outdoors in. 

Dr Dominique Hes, biophilia expert and lead researcher for Plant Life Balance, said, “Our brains evolved in nature, and when surrounded by green spaces the fight or flight and emotional parts of the brain are less on edge – this affinity to connect to nature is called biophilia. This innate connection has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we’ve become acutely aware of the importance of access to nature in our everyday lives.” 

Through a survey of 1000+ Australians and consultation with nursery industry experts, academics and interior stylists, the 2021 Plant Trend Report dives into five forecasted trends, taking a look at the changes we’ve made in our homes, the plants we’ll be purchasing most and the plant trend predictions we can expect to grow over the next 12 months. 

Forecasted Trends in 2021: 

  • Greening where we work: Optimise productivity by greening workspaces
  • A daily dose of Vitamin G(arden): Integrate plants into our wellness routines
  • Learning nature’s lessons: Encourage our children to learn and grow with nature
  • Introducing the ‘Plant-ertainer’: Become the ultimate entertainers, by putting our best plants forward from the recipes, settings to stylings
  • Growing for the glow: Deepen our connection with nature, through growing our own edibles and food

The latest nursery and garden industry statistics confirm 2 billion plants were sold¹ to communities, workplaces and homes across Australia totalling $2.44 billion. The 2021 Plant Trend Report indicates this is set to increase as the changes we made in our homes during the pandemic solidify and grow. 

1 Greenlife Industry Australia, 2018-2019

To read the full report visit the website.

About Plant Life Balance: 

Plant Life Balance is a program designed to get Australians excited and confident about styling their homes and lives with plants — while promoting the health and wellbeing benefits plants bring. 

The program is supported and funded by Hort Innovation using a nursery industry levy collected on the sale of plants and trees.

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