12 Eco-Friendly Habits to Live Life A Little Greener

Living sustainably: eco-friendly detox

Kicking off the new year with a list of resolutions always starts off well-intentioned. The word ‘detox’ often gets thrown around to justify the unhealthy habits picked up over the holidays. But what if we shifted the focus off of ourselves for a moment, and onto something bigger?

The good news is, there’s a number of habits you can form to have a positive impact on the planet this year.

Who said you can’t go green and live the good life? We’ve partnered with climate-positive winemaker, Round Theoryto help you along on your journey this summer. Whether you’re planning an eco-friendly detox, farm-to-table picnic or coastal camping adventure, you can do it sustainably with Round Theory.

When you’re at home

With the majority of us forced to spend more time at home this year, there’s never been a better time to slow down and reflect on the way we live. However when it comes to creating a more eco-friendly home, it can be hard to know where to begin.

1. Be mindful of waste: If you’re really looking to take your eco up a notch, look to the Zero Waste Movement. The notion of ‘more life, less stuff’ can seem promising to many, however, takes a lot more resilience and practice than most would think. Essentially, this means less plastic, less wrappers, less garbage – you get the idea.

2. Use your money as a force for good: The money you’ve got in your bank and super accounts is not simply sitting there patiently waiting for you to spend it, it’s being used by institutions to fund various for-profit projects in industries such as fossil fuels, tobacco, firearms and gambling. The good news is there’s a growing number of financial institutions investing in clean or renewable energy projects, better housing developments and not-for-profit organisations. You can use your money as a force for good by banking with these institutions.

3. Ditch fast fashion: Go through your closet with a fine tooth comb and really ask yourself whether you wear everything that’s in there. When the answer is no, put it aside and organise a clothes swap with your friends. Everybody brings what they no longer wear and someone else claims it. Fun, refreshing and free.

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When you shop

4. Ditch plastic: Fruits and vegetables are already naturally wrapped, so avoid purchasing fresh produce wrapped in plastic. Even better, head to your local growers’ market with your reusable produce bags on the weekend, to buy straight from the producers. Lots of your pantry essentials can be purchased in bulk and stored in glass or metal containers (flour, pasta, rice, nuts, sugar, spices etc).

5. Shop local: Whether it’s your Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market or the search for a fair-trade bean for your next brew – you can feel good knowing you’re practicing your 3R’s and paving the way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only are you supporting local business, but you’re improving your overall health and wellbeing knowing that your purchases play host to no nasties – think grass-fed meats, certified organic greens, and chemical free household products. Better still, you know exactly where your pennies are going, and supporting the longevity of your favourite home-grown goods or fair-trade barista coffee.  

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When you travel

6. Leave no trace: Most of us have now started to consider our impact on the environment in our day-to-day lives, but when it comes to responsible travel it’s often easy to overlook the carbon footprint we leave behind. When you are out exploring, do your best to preserve the original beauty of the local environment – always stick to the path, obey the signs and take your rubbish away with you.

7. Ditch hotels: When planning accomodation, consider ditching the hotel and choosing a home stay or holiday rental. These tend to be more eco-friendly options, and offer a more ‘local’ experience.

8. Go off-grid: Try going off-grid for the weekend in a tiny house. Check out Riparide for their soulful, low-impact, nature-based accommodation options or AirBnb for their selection of eco stays. 

9. Opt for reusables items: Always travel with your day-to-day reusable items – bag, cup, bottle and utensils. There are some great compact, lightweight options available on the market, that are ideal for travelling with like an Onya reusable tote, a Stojo collapsible coffee cup, Crumple eco water bottle and a bamboo cutlery roll. Ideally, the goal of responsible travel is to be able to refuse any disposable plastics during your trip. If you use straws, purchase some environmentally-friendly alternatives. We love Biome because they offer a range of bamboo, steel, glass and silicone alternatives.

All in all – these are modest yet effective measures to help restore the beauty and wonder of all that surrounds us.  

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When you entertain 

10. Source seasonal produce: With a growing number of individuals embarking on their journey to sustainability – we couldn’t think of a better segue than combining our favourite dining activity with an eco twist – a farm-to-table long lunch! By incorporating seasonal produce from your own veggie garden or local farmer’s market, the goal of farm-to-table is to support local, organic and seasonal produce to reduce the environmental impacts associated with mass-farming and promote self-reliance.

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11. Choose local suppliers: For seasoned entertainers, sourcing mason jars, plates and glassware from sustainable brands not only elevates and transforms your table aesthetic but helps to supporting local suppliers and various social causes as well.  We can guarantee this will make for a perfect photo-op, paired with fresh produce your guests will vouch for, long after they’re last bite.    

12. Sip sustainably: When it’s time for a tipple, opt for climate-positive wine from a supplier that’s mindful of their impact on the planet. This is where Round Theory differs from other wines at your local bottle-o, they offset at least double the amount of emissions they create during the production process via their offset program with CarbonClick.

Once put into practice, we can vouch that eco-friendly living truly does become second nature. So start paying attention – detoxing has taken a new lease on life, so that our planet can too. With the help of these eco-friendly hacks you’ll be living a little greener in no time.

This article is sponsored by Round Theory and proudly endorsed by This Weekend. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make our content possible. Remember to always drink responsibly.

Ready to live the good life?

Ready to live a life that’s good for you & the planet? Round Theory has been consciously crafted from the ground up with a simple goal in mind, to make great wines that have a positive impact on our planet.

Each bottle of Round Theory is not only grown and sourced sustainably, but they’re making sure that at least double the amount of carbon is offset with each bottle, making it climate positive.