5 Tips For Creating Mouthwatering Campfire Cookups (Recipes Included!)

Campsite booked. Playlist sorted. Car filled to the brim with all the essentials. As with any camp trip, it always pays to pack the right food and drink supplies. With a little preparation – and the right recipes – you can say goodbye to gas-station snacks and create tasty, nourishing meals that are just as enjoyable as the trip itself.

Who said you can’t go slow and live the good life? We’ve partnered with climate-positive wine producer, Round Theoryto help you along on your journey this summer. Whether you’re embarking on a coastal camping adventure, or hosting a farm-to-table picnic, you can do it sustainably with Round Theory.

We chatted to the Longevity Nutritionist, Erin Hall, about her top tips for creating mouthwatering meals on your next weekend camp trip.

Keep it seasonal

Whether you’re travelling by van or getting comfortable at a campsite, these recipes are quick and easy to prepare over a campfire or portable gas stove.

We’ve included seasonal produce to these recipes (huge yes to mangoes and peaches!) that are cost effective and easily accessible wherever you are in Australia.

Roast your own trail mix

Keeping a mix of nuts on hand is never a bad idea, and naturally, this would be no different on the road. Erin says, “throw together a trail nut mix using natural, unsalted, and un-roasted nuts for snacking – the high fat content is great for keeping you full while on the road!”.

Hall suggests dehydrating your own sliced fruits such as apples, bananas, kiwi and oranges – with the best part being, they don’t need refrigerating. Bliss! This can be done by thinly slicing your produce, and placing in a dehydrator, or cooking in the oven at 50-60C, and storing for 8-10 hours in airtight packaging.

Slow down and be present in nature

In comparison to our home in the kitchen, it can be incredibly grounding cooking among the outdoors. Hall’s favourite part about cooking is exactly this, and she says, “Taking the time to plan, prepare, and cook your meals over a campfire with your friends and family makes you appreciate the meals so much more”.

Whether you’re overlooking the ocean, nestled among towering gumtrees or on the banks of a river, cooking outdoors makes the act itself that much sweeter. By slowing down and being present in nature, perhaps we might actually learn to love the art of á la carte.

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Swap packaged snacks for fresh food staples

By choosing fruits and vegetables that won’t wilt quickly, you can sleep tight knowing you’re reducing landfill waste and restoring natural biodiversity with each bite. These options might include carrot, potato, pumpkin, beets, onions, garlic, oranges, pomegranate, cabbage, kale and apples to name a few. Ensuring that you are also consuming your most perishable produce first is key, such as fresh meats, seafood, dairy products, avocados, mushrooms, berries, bananas and tomatoes. Always remember to keep these at the bottom of your cooler bag/esky!

Because we know how easy it can be to generate waste at home, this can sometimes be two-fold on the road if not well-prepared. That’s why we’ve put down the packaged snacks to go, and swapped these for go-to nutrition staples to benefit both us and the earth. “Stock up on ingredients such as canned beans and lentils, which are BPA free,” Hall says.

“Used in fresh salads, stews, curries or desserts, legumes are so versatile and are a must when camping. But don’t forget to seal in an airtight container once opened!”

Plan your meals: simple campfire recipes to jump start your journey

Erin suggests planning meals as much as possible is yet another secret to the perfect outdoor nutrition repertoire! “Know what you’re cooking each day and bring only those essential food items with you to avoid food going to waste,”

With easy-to-create recipes such as shakshuka (baked eggs), mango fish tacos with chilli dressing, veggie paella and peach crumble – you can hit the road knowing your good eating intentions for once, have your back.

View the recipes here.

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