Your Guide to Hosting a Seasonal Farm to Table Summer Picnic (Wine Pairings Included!)

Round theory farm to table picnic

Nothing quite says summer like a good ol’ fashioned picnic. Whether in a field with a basket in tow filled with assorted cheeses, or a rug by the seaside at sunset – there’s a simplicity to dining outdoors that just can’t be matched. 

Who said you can’t live a life that’s good for you, and the planet? We’ve partnered with climate-positive wine brand, Round Theory, to help you along on your journey this summer. Whether you’re planning a luxe getaway, or a coastal camping trip, you can do it sustainably with Round Theory.

To make sure your summer is a good one, check out the latest guide to hosting the perfect farm-to-table picnic (wine pairings included!).

It’s all about the produce

Farm-to-table dining is a concept almost everyone can take part in – no matter how big or small. Whether it’s your Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market or the microgreens you’ve recently nurtured to life on your kitchen bench – these are all steps to pave the way to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

By incorporating seasonal produce from your own veggie garden or local farmer, the goal of farm-to-table is to support local, organic and seasonal produce to reduce the environmental impacts associated with mass-farming and promote self-reliance. Let’s call it a more holistic approach to your regular grocery-shop. 

Simplicity is key

As the weather warms up, keeping your picnic spread uncomplicated is key. Fresh bread, cheese, charcuterie, and fruit are your summer picnic essentials. Head to your local farmers markets and pick up some leafy greens, juicy heirloom tomatoes, stone fruits, and fresh figs – taking the time to acknowledge the farming regions they’re sourced from.

Serve alongside regionally sourced cheeses, crusty giant baguettes and prosciutto or mortadella direct from the pasture. For something more substantial, you might consider grabbing some lamb backstraps and marinating them in a spice blend and served with a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

The perfect pairings

Better yet, serve them up a glass of Round Theory’s Pinot Gris and you’ll really make them swoon – with notes of apple and pear, this wine pairs well with a clean and lively palate.

With rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme all proving to be the superior herbs coming into summer, there’s no better way to complement these than with an assortment of crackers and your choice of dip. We recommend serving with a farm-fresh buffalo milk mozzarella and drizzled with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to finish. Rinse it down with a lusciously crisp rosé from Round Theory, offering a soft texture and a clean, dry finish. 

Round theory Farm to table picnic pairings

It’s no secret citrus holds a very special place in a tropical climate’s heart, with orange, passionfruit, peaches, pears and plums all in their best shape in summer. While their acidic notes can be tough to pair with some wines, a dessert tart drizzled with passionfruit or a plum coulis would be a perfect way to round off a wholesome, farm-to-table meal. Top it off with a glass of Round Theory’s Field Blend or Sauvignon Blanc, with tropical notes and crisp fresh flavours – the best way to brighten a summer afternoon picnic. 

Crafting the experience

If you have a self-proclaimed flair for playing host like we do, then fine tuning the experience will be your strong suit. Whether you choose a coastal spot by the seaside, a hinterland escape overlooking lush rolling hills, or a traditional dining table to gather your friends, the look and feel of your farm-to-table picnic is just as important as what’s on your plate. 

Good lifestyle tip: Find a consciously crafted picnic rug from your favourite supplier. We can guarantee this will make for a trendy outdoor spread!

For picnic pros, sourcing mason jars, plates and glassware from a sustainable brands not only elevates and transforms your picnic aesthetic but helps to support local, reducing waste, various social causes as well. 

So there you have it. From the paddock to your plate, we hope to have inspired your next consciously curated summer dining experience – and perhaps to live a little more sustainably too. We guarantee you’ll have your friends raving about your next picnic, long-after you’ve dusted off that bottle of vino and gone to cheesy-heaven.

Ready to live the good life?

Who said you can’t live a life that’s good for you & the planet? Round Theory has been consciously crafted from the ground up with a simple goal in mind, to make great wines that have a positive impact on the planet. 

Each bottle of Round Theory Wine is not only grown and sourced sustainably, but they’re making sure that at least double the amount of carbon is offset with each bottle, making it climate positive.