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Jaunt Electric Adventures

Caring about the environment is no longer on the fringe: green is the new black. Now we’ve flicked the switch, that consciousness is hard to turn off. It’s an open challenge to minimise consumption, downsize, reuse, and reconnect with our environment.

We’ve done a round-up of all the industry news you may have missed this month, so you can stay in the know about everything that’s good for the planet (and the people on it!).

Jaunt – A startup turning old gas vehicles into electric adventure machines

Jaunt is the rental car company you need in your life. They offer unique journeys to explore regional Australia in iconic cars up-cycled into electric vehicles. They believe in creating ‘beautiful adventures’, catering to the growing demand for tourism services that are more adventurous, sustainable and more attuned to local culture.

Jaunt is on the home stretch of a crowdfunding campaign and is on track to launching a 100% up-cycled electric vehicle in the market from July 2019. You can be part of building the first vehicle and even get your name on the car by booking a Jaunt to explore regional Australia.

ScUber – Rideshare the reef

Uber and Queensland, Australia, have partnered to create a unique experience to explore the Great Barrier Reef in scUber, the world’s first rideshare submarine. There are two ways to experience scUber, win and request. You can cross your fingers and enter the competition, that also includes a five-night holiday, or you can attempt to request a scUber ride directly through the Uber app from May 27 to June 18, 2019.

Pipit – Another destination restaurant for the North Coast of NSW

The north coast of NSW is no stranger to fine dining. Joining the likes of the already popular greats, Fleet (my personal favourite), Taverna, Potager and Three Blue Ducks – just to name a few – Pipit opened the middle of this month. Opened by chef Ben Devlin and partner Yen Trinh, Pipit features an open-plan kitchen with a charcoal pit and heroes local produce, supporting local food systems, sustainable seafood and does not serve hoofed animals.

Saroka – Australia made-to-order womenswear

Have you heard of Saroka? I have (thank you Instagram), and this week, courtesy of Vogue Australia, many more Australian women now have too.

Saroka’s point of difference is their focus on slow fashion and inclusive sizing. To eliminate fabric and stock waste, each garment is made-to-order. Focusing on premium fabrics and handsewn finishes, each garment will last the test of time.

Tigerlily – Consciousness Report

After receiving a ‘D’ in the 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide released by Baptist World Aid Australia, Tigerlily, an iconic Australian fashion label, have released their first ever Consciousness Report. This report details their ongoing commitment to responsible practices, processes and materials.

They also happen to have 50% off selected styles at the moment, if you are in the mood for some guilt-free shopping.

Murray Cod Australia – and it’s Fat Duck

“We are delighted to be working with MCA. The innovative way they have created a luxury fish product by combining natural processes evolved over millions of years with cutting edge technology aligns with the way I approach food and cooking, resulting in fantastic quality.” – Heston Blumenthal, British celebrity chef and patron of several acclaimed restaurants, including the three-Michelin star The Fat Duck.

Mr Blumenthal is set to become a stakeholder in the NSW-based, inland aquaculture enterprise, Murray Cod Australia and in addition has separately signed a five-year deal to be an advocate for the company on social media and at industry events. Whose hungry for fish?

Soulara – New biodegradable packaging

It is no secret that the meal delivery service is a growing industry. Soulara is one such service, with a focus on plant-based meals. Whilst already touting 100% recyclable packaging, this week, Soulara introduced new 90% biodegradable packaging – making the choice to eat home delivered plant-based meals, just that little bit more sustainable.

Fred’s Tiny Houses – International award winners

Of 809 nominees, Fred’s Tiny Houses has this month been awarded the international Flourish Prize in the category of Sustainable Cities and Communities. Fred was initially drawn to the tiny house movement as a potential solution to environmental concerns he harboured. He teaches DIY builders the ins and outs of design and construction, as well as selling completed lightweight, roadworthy, sustainable tiny houses for an Australian environment. Becoming a first homeowner just became a whole lot more affordable.

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Briana Sampson
Briana Sampson

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