Off-Grid Getaways To Help You Reconnect With Nature

Unyoked Coralie Cabin off-grid getaway

Our lives are seemingly getting busier by the minute, with more forms of attention-zapping distractions than ever before. Most of us would shudder at the thought of a digital-detox, let alone find the time for off-grid getaways.

But as we become more mindful of our social connections, and our environmental footprint, the option to trade the concrete and metal of city life for the star-filled sky and mountain air has never been more enticing.

We’ve rounded up 6 of the best off-grid getaways for your next weekend escape, giving you the ideal opportunity reconnect with the environment and the people around you.


CABN has two off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny homes that are available for rent on secluded curated sites in the Adelaide Hills and Victoria with another eco-site planned for Queensland in 2020.

Discover the authenticity of nature. Interact on a meaningful level. Detox oneself from hectic reality. Slow down and kick stress to the curb.” This is what you’ll get out of an off-grid CABN experience. If you have some spare cash, you can even buy your own CABN and permanently embrace the tiny home life.

Our pick: Jude CABN, Adelaide Hills

CABN off-grid getaways

Adventurous, warm and welcoming – Jude makes the perfect getaway for couples looking for an adventure. Surrounded by natural scrubland with breathtaking scenery, Jude is less than 25 minutes drive from Adelaide’s CBD. In the hills, you are never far from wine, but with conservation parks nearby you can forgo the wineries and reconnect with nature.


Riparide’s mission is simple: book an outdoor adventure and live life to the fullest. They offer unique accommodation, experiences, vehicles and outdoor equipment listed by the owners themselves.

The coolest part of their offering is the ability to browse listed stories, which are visual adventure itineraries centred around a featured listing. Each story offers a unique, local’s perspective for a truely immersive weekend in the wilderness.

Our pick: Calignee II House, Victoria

Calignee II is a comfortable off-grid experience

Calignee is a remarkable, eco bush retreat nestled amongst 5 acres of bush land in the glorious Gippsland region. Although not totally isolated, the best feature of Callignee II is that it is totally self-sustainable. Defined as being 100% off-grid, this home relies on rainwater, solar power and a bio septic tank to service your daily needs.

Not surprisingly, this home was featured on Grand Designs Australia. It truly is one of a kind worth adding to your eco bucket list.


Unyoked is one of the better known companies offering eco-friendly, off-grid getaways near Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their tagline is: “minimum footprint, maximum chill”, which is evident in their stylish, tiny-home cabin style.

Our pick: Coralie Cabin, Southern Highlands NSW

Unyoked Coralie Cabin off-grid getaway

One of their tiny homes in the New South Wales Southern Highlands is located a 200-metre walk through rainforest and comes equipped with a fire pit, bar fridge, gas stove, hot shower and composting toilet. It doesn’t get much more off-grid than that!


Another option for Victorian residents wanting to book an off-grid getaway is Shacky. They currently have three properties available, in the High Country, Yarra Valley and the Grampians.

Our pick: Shacky on The Olive Grove, North East Victoria

Shacky Olive Grove getaway

If you want to shack up with someone for a weekend then this is a great place to start your romantic getaway. This peaceful, off-grid tiny home is nestled within a beautiful olive grove just 2 hours drive from the city. It’s entirely self-contained, solar powered and equipped with environmentally friendly products for you to use.

As the name suggests, you’ll be in close quarters so prepare to get cosy. You’ll barely notice anyway, with the generous bedroom windows that open onto the farm providing golden sun and fresh air. From bed you can watch the sheep roam by day and stargaze by night. If you can’t get enough beautiful views, head out and ramble through the picturesque hills nearby.


Otherwise, why not stay in a clear and inflatable bubbletent overlooking Capertee Valley, the world’s second biggest canyon? Sleep under the stars in one of the three bubbles located on a large working farm, between Lithgow and Mudgee in rural New South Wales.

Each bubble (named after a horoscope) has unique features, such as Cancer’s floating bed and Leo’s love swing and outdoor wood-fired bathtub. They provide all the essentials, including telescopes and a cheese board. In their words, “you’ll wish for an antipasto platter during the sunset.”

Our pick: Virgo Tent, Capertree Valley, NSW

Bubbletent off-grid getaways

A romantic’s oasis, a dreamers delight, and a traveler’s rejuvenation. The Bubbletent is located some 200km outside of Sydney, roughly halfway between the wine region of Mudgee and scenic Lithgow. With sweeping views across the rolling hills of Capertree Valley, you can be a step closer to the heavens while soaking your weary bones in Virgo’s very own wood-fired hot tub.

Satellite Island

Satellite Island offers private luxury getaways

One of the most luxurious off-grid getaways we must include is Satellite Island in Tasmania. This private island has never before been accessible to the public, and it remains utterly unspoilt.

Satellite Island is a secluded secret hideaway, and is exclusively yours to explore. The island can accommodate up to eight people, so gather your besties for the ultimate off-grid adventure. A stay on Satellite Island includes all of the gourmet provisions you could ask for, a pantry stocked with delicious essentials, and an endless supply of oysters.

It is hard to describe the magic of staying on your own private island. Your life back in the big smoke will never be the same.

Going off grid in the city

If going fully off-grid makes you nervous, you can always start small with a little bit of self-care. Say goodbye to the grid momentarily and go for a hike this weekend to reconnect with nature, or have a digital detox with a technology-free night at home. Your mind, body and the planet will thank you.

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