Sustainable Alcohol Brands You Can Drink Guilt Free

Sustainable alcohol brands: Pash & Pop by Ari's Natural Wine Co.

While many of us are becoming more conscious of the foods we eat, it’s less common to consider how sustainable the beer, wine or spirits we consume actually are. While most boutique booze brands producing small batches aren’t doing too much harm to the environment, there is a growing number of sustainable alcohol brands going above and beyond to reduce their carbon footprint.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for sustainable alcohol brands you can order next time you’re in the mood for a guilt-free tipple.

The Hidden Sea

The Hidden Sea is a no-nonsense, eco-minded wine company on a mission to eliminate plastic from our oceans.

Their unique range focuses on a trio of wines that appeal to the no-nonsense, any day wine drinker. There’s a full-bodied Chardonnay that’s rich in melon, lychees and peaches and pairs beautifully with fish and seafood. Or for something lighter, there’s a luscious Rosé made from a blend of Mataro, Grenache and Pinot Gris. They’ve got your back in the cooler months, too. The ballsy Shiraz opens up to a bouquet of red fruits, spiced oak with silk tannins that dance along the palate.

With every bottle purchased, the brand has pledged to remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the ocean through their partnership with ReSea Project.

Ari’s Natural Wine Co.

Based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Airi’s Natural Wine is a great new name to explore if you’re a lover of natural wine. Father and son duo Aristotle and Tony Zafirakos embrace the same traditions that pay homage to their Greek heritage. All of the fruit used in Ari’s wine is sourced from sustainable and like-minded growers. 

The entire premise behind natural wine is minimal human intervention and that translates into a sustainable process. All of Ari’s fruit is hand harvested, and the whole process is underpinned by their philosophy “nothing added, nothing taken away”. There are no corrections, filtering or fining and no sulphur added at any stage. 

One of the coolest things about Ari’s Wine is the limited volume produced each season, so you know you’re sipping a rare drop. Their Cab Sauv, Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris blend is aptly named ‘Big Red’ and is perfectly paired with a winter roast. If you’re looking for a bit of fun and frivolity then you should get your hands on their 2019 Chardonnay and Glera (Prosecco). Playfully named ‘Pash & Pop’, it’s light on fizz and great your next summer picnic.

Antipodes Gin

Australia’s first organic gin also happens to be Australia’s first carbon neutral gin, and that’s something we can raise a glass to.

The team at Antipodes only works with like-minded suppliers so you can be sure the Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle you can taste are sourced sustainably. If gin’s not your thing, Antipodes also makes vodka and an espresso liqueur that will get your weekend going in a splash.

Rockie Ridge Brewing Co

Growing and brewing everything that goes into their brew in house means Rocky Ridge can do things differently. What they can’t grow on their fifth-generation family farm, they source as locally as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The farm is run using organic and eco-friendly principals, they collect their own rainwater and they only package their brews in cans – which are lighter to transport, easier to recycle and better for the beer. The brand’s eco-minded approach ensures their spot on our list of sustainable alcohol brands that are playing their part for the planet.

Howard Park Wines

A leader in the sustainable wine industry, Howard Park Wines has a few methods to ensure sustainable wine production on their vineyard. They use organic and biodynamic principles which ensure optimal soil health; which means less intervention is needed.

The winemakers use a closed loop compositing system, where production waste is returned to the soil to improve the health of the vines. They use rainwater in the production of their wines and then irrigate the trees on their property with the wastewater.


Set in the Adelaide Hills, Henschke is another winery using organic and biodynamic principles to grow their grapes. They use an environmental management system to guide decisions that could impact the environment and they review their environmental action plan each year to ensure they’re doing everything they can.

Instead of using pesticides, Henschke plants native plants at the end of each vineyard row to keep insects and disease at bay. The company is also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Convent which means all their packaging is recyclable or reusable too.

Stone & Wood

A B-Corp certified company, Stone & Wood is going a cut above the rest to reduce their environmental impact while brewing some of Australia’s best beer. They have implemented programs for sustainability and community – Green Feet and Ingrained, respectively.

Green Feet focuses on water, energy and waste reduction and has seen them turn to solar energy and implement reusable cups at their events, among plenty of other initiatives. Through Ingrained, Stone & Wood donates $1 per 100L of beer as well as hold events – one which raised in excess of $30,000 which was all donated to local charities.

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