5 Sustainable Fashion Labels To Shop In Adelaide

Sustainable fashion in Adelaide

Though Adelaide may be small, it is never a city to fall behind on the latest advancements in sustainable fashion labels. For thread-conscious shoppers, there’s a growing movement towards ethically sourced materials and sustainable production processes.

Here are five Adelaide-based sustainable fashion labels that not only care that you look your best, but want what’s best for the environment, too.  

Good Studios

Stylist, designer and label founder Anny Duff has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion in Adelaide since 2012 with her community based approach to environmentally friendly clothing. Rebranding in 2016, GOOD STUDIOS (both a clothing and homewares store) champions the use of natural textiles such as hemp linens, cotton twill and jersey blends as well as premium Australian wool.

Duff and the label take inspiration from the modern and minimalist aesthetics of Japanese and Scandinavian culture meaning that their designs are simple, yet extremely cutting edge. 


Founded in 2016 in response to the growing concern the impact of fast fashion is having on the environment, autark has made a name for itself by showing at multiple Melbourne and Adelaide Fashion Festivals. All of autark’s pieces are homemade by designer and founder Sophia McMahon who creates clothing that is both feminine and bold.

McMahon also makes sure to use the most luxurious cottons, linens, silks and natural fibres and constructs her garments in a way to ensure wastage is minimised. Beautiful, thoughtful and ethical, autark is a brand that is representative of the strong modern woman. 

BB Shoemaker 

While many concentrate on sustainable clothing, rarely do people focus on the kinds of shoes they wear and the production journey their kicks have taken. Creator Beccy Bromilow decided to focus all of her attention on shoes after studying custom made footwear and was driven to open BB shoemaker in a studio space in Adelaide.

All orders are made by Bromilow using long lasting quality leather in simple yet classic designs that are also sure to outlast passing trends. Focusing on local and small scale production, waste management and timeless design, BB shoemaker will have you consciously dressed from head to toe. 

Re-Swim Club

After spending years in the industry, Natalie Ivanov saw the amount of waste involved in fashion production and decided to make a difference with RE-SWIM CLUB. Using discarded fabrics, off cuts, remnants, deadstock and designer surplus, Ivanov’s pieces give new life to the kinds of waste that would usually end up in landfill.

Each piece at RE-SWIM is part of a limited collection and lovingly hand cut and sewn using recycled materials so that you can look and feel incredible in your beach body.


Founders Jorgia Dunn and Adrian Dorsey strived to give Adelaide the kind of modern concept store that you find in cites like Amsterdam, New York and Melbourne creating NOWA to house both local and international clothing, art books and accessories.

The brand only sources natural fibres and materials and has aimed to minimise waste in as many ways as possible so that sustainability, transparency and eco-friendliness lies at the heart of their production. 

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