Top Sustainable Eateries To Dine Like A Perth Local

Top Sustainable Dining Perth

Far away from any other city in the world, nestled on a beautiful coastline, Perth is waiting. For a city so isolated, Perth has managed to maintain its laid-back Australian lifestyle whilst creating thriving hubs of culture. And there is one little hub that delivers the best aspects of Perth living – the Western Suburbs.

Here streets dip into the ocean and pathways lead toward the bay. Fremantle, Cottesloe, and Claremont are home to not only the idyllic beach lifestyle, but to some humble sustainable eateries that beckon locals on a daily basis.


Strange Company  

Tucked down an unsuspecting street in Fremantle rests the airy, vine-covered bar,  Strange Company. Delivering a fresh tapas menu full of options to keep you undecided just long enough to order your third glass of local Margaret River Pinot, Strange Company is a spot you’ll find your way back to. It’s cocktail menu is carefully crafted… with no plastic straws. The owner – Greg Leaver – shifted toward a more sustainable approach for their sought-after cocktails by committing to biodegradable straws. Strange Company is definitely a bar worth frequenting.

Sustainable Dining at Strange Company. Image by Space Agency

Bread in Common 

Situated inside an old warehouse and doubling up as both bakery and restaurant, sits Bread in Common. Making delicious bread on site with a focused farm to table menu is a clear reason Bread in Common makes the list. It’s hard to go past their local produce and fresh, handmade bread (especially with all the butter options). The seasonal menu items will tempt you just as much. It’s worth speaking with the staff for their daily recommendations!

Bread in Common. Photo by Robert Frith


North Street Store 

Maybe an unexpected one to make the list, but North Street Store serves up a damn-fine rating when it comes to sustainability and taste. Located in Cottesloe, this little spot definitely isn’t screaming from the rooftops or Instagram to tell the world about their sustainability or incredible food. North Street Store is an unassuming local establishment making everything fresh and in-house for their local customers. Mixing it up daily (though they always have their unavoidable cinnamon scrolls), it’s home cooking – just down the road. Head there in the morning for a coffee and cinnamon scroll, then come back in the evening to see what dinner creations they’re serving up. 

North Street Store


The Goods Shed 

Set beautifully behind Claremont Station in a heritage railway building is The Goods Shed: a mix of art, community and of course, coffee. The Goods Shed is surrounded by a garden of fresh lavender and sunflowers. Those that frequent here know the baristas will nail your coffee order, and you’ll find it hard to decline a pumpkin quiche. You’ll sip your coffee in the communal space outside, basking in the Perth sun just like the plants surrounding you. Inside the building the latest exhibition or community project is there for you to explore – coffee in hand. The Goods Shed is a place you’ll feel connected to nature, the community and the arts, and that’s why it’s undeniably on this list. 

The Goods Shed

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