5 Capsule Wardrobe Tips To Improve The Way You Shop

A capsule wardrobe is the antidote to wasteful consumerism

For most people, building a wardrobe takes years and is often the result of impulse buying. Picking up a piece because it’s cool and trendy is the fast fashion norm, however a capsule wardrobe offers an alternative to lazy consumerism by scaling everything back.

Though the concept dates back to the 70s, ‘a capsule wardrobe’ is still a relatively unknown term. Lately, designers have been shifting towards better practices by cutting back on styles and collections in an effort to reduce waste.

New Zealand designer Georgia Currie is one of them. Since the launch of her brand Georgia Alice back in 2013, her focus has been on creating wardrobe essentials that are made to last. She believes there are a few essential tips every women should follow to improve the way they shop, and their impact on the planet.

Stick to the capsule wardrobe essentials

These ‘essential’ pieces Currie recommends include a blazer, tee (or shirt if that’s more your style), a great pair of pants and a comfortable knit. Opting for pieces with a muted and versatile colour palette, makes it easier to mix and match.

There are plenty of hidden benefits to cutting your wardrobe down to an elite mix of stylish pieces. Not only will your morning routine be cut in half, but you’ll likely improve the way you shop. Rather than wasting money on a fleeting trend, those with a capsule wardrobe make smarter choices.  

Waste not, want not 

With the never-ending release of collections from luxury fashion as well as high-street brands, new clothes are made and sold then discarded or donated every day.

A wardrobe that does not cater to versatility, practicality and longevity is likely to produce a huge amount of waste. If you consider that majority of people have this kind of wardrobe, then that huge amount of waste is actually ginormous. A recent report in Nature Reviews Earth and Environment revealed that 92 million tonnes of waste come from the fashion industry every year.

Taking this into account, a capsule wardrobe has been established as the antidote to wasteful consumerism. With brands like Georgia Alice releasing essential pieces that are made to last, as an alternative to fast fashion, it shouldn’t be too hard to make the switch. With less people buying clothes in 2020, the culture of disposable fashion that the industry has for so long thrived upon, is finally being publicly questioned.

“As consumers, we must change how we buy. Buy less and buy well. Say goodbye to fast fashion!” Currie says as a move towards more durable and necessary fashion is felt around the world. 

For bonus points, choose sustainable pieces 

As people close their wallets and purposeful shopping is becoming mainstream, people are realising how little they need to get by. As an industry that profits on quantity over quality, every kind of brand is being forced to slow down.

While it’s of course fun to buy something new and cool, buying things you don’t need almost ensures that piece will end up buried at the back of your closet within months. Putting want over need is a sure-fire way to not only waste your money – which not many can afford to do right now – but to do some damage to the planet.

Plenty of Australian and international brands, like Georgia Alice promote a pared back, more thoughtful approach to personal style. While these pieces may come with a heftier price tag, as they’re often made from organic cotton, satin or linen. 

Give up on excess not style 

If all this sounds too restricting to you, there’s no need to worry. A capsule wardrobe is not here to take away your individuality or personal style.

While Currie defines a Georgia Alice woman as having “a preference for simplicity, she is never boring.”  A capsule wardrobe can look very different from person to person and any guidelines on colour and what to include is just so you have somewhere to start.

As a basic and very loose rule Currie says, “make sure there is something comfortable, something crisp and something that can be worn from day to night.” In saying that, if you want a limited wardrobe of ethical pieces that are all neon bright and fluffy, and you know for certain that you will wear them day-in-and-out for the foreseeable future, and never look back, then go wild.    

An eco-friendly way to get your fashion fix 

Building a capsule wardrobe of ethical pieces is a double whammy in terms of helping the planet out. You’re reducing the number of clothes you’ll buy over the next few years by investing in long-lasting pieces and you’ve chosen fabrics that don’t leave as much of a mark on mother earth.

With those benefits aside, a capsule wardrobe means you don’t have to think so hard next time you go out for dinner, whether that’s weeks from now or months because you know that your Georgia Alice bobby skirt and blazer pair exceptionally well with a tee and strappy slip-ons. Make sure you put a lotta love into your decisions as you slowly start to build your new classy wardrobe, these pieces are sticking around so don’t skimp on the good stuff.

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