15 Sustainable Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth

Complete guide to living sustainably: Sustainable gift ideas that won't cost the earth

While the holidays is a time for spoiling our loved ones, sustainable gift ideas shouldn’t have to cost the Earth. 

However it’s the mass-consumerism that coincides with our favourite holiday that leaves many people, and the planet behind. Huge sums of money is spent on over-packaged gifts that often end up in landfill, so taking time to consider the true cost can be a win for everyone.

This year, we’ve put together a list of sustainable gift ideas to take the guesswork out of giving this holiday season. Each of the gifts we’ve selected has sustainability, people and the planet at the forefront.

Zorali Lined Journey Notebook (3 pack)

Price: $19.95

With summer on the way, it’s time to venture into the wilderness. So be ready to capture your thoughts, ideas and notes along your journey with this Journey Notebook. The perfect size for your travels, with 88 dotted pages on beautiful FCS certified paper, this is one companion you’ll want with you at all times.

But wait. There’s more! Your purchase of outdoor goods will come with ten invisible donations in the form of trees. You may not be able to see them, but the planet will feel them as they go back into areas of severe deforestation in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique.

Pottery For The Planet – Coral Dreaming Ceramic Keep Cup

Reusable coffee cups plastic free july

Price: $35.00

It’s time for the disposable culture to change! Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe. By crafting ceramic coffee cups you can keep and use over again, we aim to reduce the 1 billion disposable cups thrown away each year.

This pottery keep cup is inspired by the Coral Coast and designed by our Western Australian Potter, Matt Griffiths. This beautiful, earthy design features a running aqua glaze over a speckled coral base. The Coral Dreaming colour range varies from green to blue with hints of brown, white and bright red where glaze runs and blends together. Each ceramic keep cup is reminiscent of our beautiful Western Australian waters as they meet the Coral Coastline.

UrbanGrowers – Slow Down & Grow Something Book

Slow Down & Grow Something Book

Price: from $40

We can all use more green spaces. UrbanGrowers does exactly that: they make edible gardens and greenspaces that are good for the planet and its people.  They create gardens that give you an excuse to talk to your neighbour (and maybe even share some parsley), because the world needs richer and more inclusive, sharing communities. 

If you’re looking for sustainable gift ideas for the aspiring greenthumb, then this is it. Slow Down & Grow Something is a 240-page blueprint for living the good life and getting your hands dirty in the garden. Expert Horticulturalist Byron Smith has created urban food oases in the tiniest of plots and smallest of spaces, and armed with a copy of this book, so might your friend or loved one. 

Mother SPF – Organic Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

Price: $42.00

Meet the effortless, all-natural, everyday sunscreen that cares for your skin — and the planet. MOTHER SPF30 is a hydrating, everyday physical sunscreen using only 9 sustainably sourced and certified organic ingredients.

MOTHER’s yellow tubes are made from post consumer plastics (AKA taking plastic waste out of what would normally end in landfill and safely reusing it). You will be glad to know, when applying your daily dose of MOTHER SPF that you are actively playing a part in protecting mother nature.

The Giving Keys – Never Ending Disc Necklace

Price: $42.00

The Giving Keys is a social impact company on a mission to end homelessness. Founded in 2008, The Giving Keys is a social impact company working to end homelessness through employment. Through their social impact employment model, every product you purchase supports job creation for people transitioning out of homelessness.

The Never Ending Disc necklace is the socially-conscious gesture that gives hope. The idea is to embrace your word, then pay it forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you.

Graduates of The Giving Keys program have secured and maintained housing, started their own businesses, regained custody of their children, stayed sober and found a renewed sense of purpose.

Pela – Eco Friendly iPhone Case

Price: From $42.00

More than 1 Billion plastic phone cases are thrown away every single year. Beautifully designed and eco-friendly, Pela cases are the world’s first truly sustainable phone case.

They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also 100% compostable! As part of their mission to create a waste free future, Pela is a proud member of 1% for the Planet so they can support organisations who are working hard to better the planet.

Jasper Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Single Blend

Price: $62.00 (1kg)

Jasper holds Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, Blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Specialty Coffees. Their mighty Ethiopian Sidamo showcases one of Africa’s best exports, and is an all time favourite for coffee eco-conscious coffee lovers.

Every cup of coffee has a footprint. By becoming a 100% Carbon Neutral Coffee Company, Jasper Coffee is leading the way in creating a sustainable future. It means you can now enjoy your coffee with conscience. Jasper Coffee has also become the first and only coffee company in Australia to earn B-Corp certification, meaning they are at the highest world standing of sustainability.

Zorali Summit Sling Bag

Price: $65.95

One for the mountaineers, hikers and explorers. The Zorali water-resistant Sling Bag you can keep your essentials at higher ground, without both arms shouldering the load. That’s one shoulder for your stuff, and one left open for tree hugs.

Zorali is 100% Carbon Neutral, meaning the only footprint left behind is the one your hiking boots leave in the dirt. They offset the rest with the Climate Neutral program. And the best bit? Zorali plants 10 trees  for every product purchased. And Eden Reforestation Projects makes sure they start growing in the ecosystems that need it most. 

CULTIVER Indigo Denim Bath Towel

Price: $70.00

One of the sustainable gift ideas for loved ones who enjoy home rituals, like a hot bath at the end of a long day. Known for their luxe bedding, dining and homewares, CULTIVER has recently expanded their collection to include bath and hand towels made from recycled denim. 

Sustainably made in Portugal, the towel is crafted from a blend of environmentally-conscious lyocell and cotton containing recycled denim fibres. 

The Hidden Sea Gift Box

Sustainable gift ideas that don't cost the earth - The Hidden Sea Gift Box

Price: $98.00 per case of 6

The Hidden Sea is an Aussie wine company on a mission to eliminate plastic from our oceans. Their gift box contains the trio of wines that appeal to the no-nonsense, any day wine drinker and is a no-brainer when it comes to sustainable gift ideas for wine lovers. 

Through a strategic partnership with global company, ReSea Project, wine-lovers can drink wine and make a real difference. With every bottle of The Hidden Sea purchased, the brand has pledged to remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the ocean in a completely trackable process, so you can monitor real results of the good you’re doing.

TWOOBS OG sandals

Price: $99.95

TWOOBS is a ‘kinda footwear’ brand. But kinda not really. They didn’t agree with the way most shoes were being created, so they decided to make them differently. Their shoes are made from recycled stuff rescued that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfill. Plus their whole business is 100% carbon neutral, making these one of the sustainable gift ideas that pays it forward.

The OG is their original style, loved and worn by people who know what’s what everywhere since 2016. Ideal for wearing to all the places for extended periods of time, included but not limited to beach, work, life, and anywhere else you prefer to be blister-free. Velcro-fasten straps made from recycled stuff rescued from a life in landfill… oh and love, lots of love.

Will & Bear River Sand Hat

Sustainable gift ideas that don't cost the earth - Will & Bear River Sand Hat

Price: $119

Will & Bear is more than just a high-quality hat brand. The brand is proudly fair trade, sustainable and ethically handmade from natural fibres to last the longest of journeys. 

With its heavy weave and natural sand colour, the River Sand hat is made for almost every outing. Made from sustainably-harvested raffia from Madagascar, this hat is extremely durable, flexible and easy to pack. Pair it back with your favourite chinos, summer dress, or take it hiking by the coast, just don’t say we didn’t tell you this summer hat is versatile

Every hat purchase contributes to the planting of 10 trees for their Plant a Forest Project, ensuring they can give back to the community and the environment.

Bellroy Hide & Seek LO Wallet

Sustainable gift ideas that don't cost the earth - Bellroy Hide & Seek LO Wallet

Price: $129.00

When it comes to sustainable gift ideas, the Hide & Seek LO Wallet by Aussie brand Bellroy is for anyone who wants a little more out of life (and their wallet). Keep your cards and cash in the main sections, and a secret stash of notes or business cards under the hidden flap.

Great for jet-setters who want to keep their currencies separate or their cash hidden from prying eyes. RFID protection in the lining adds further security to your valuables.

Bellroy is proudly B Corp certified, achieving this through their commitment to responsible business practices.

Cariuma Off-White Knit Sneakers

Price: $139

Who doesn’t love a fresh white pair of kicks? When you wear the Cariuma Off-White Knit sneakers, you’ll be lighter on your feet and leave behind a smaller footprint. We mean it, they’re knit from self-regenerating bamboo & recycled plastics from heel to toe.

Replanting the forest floor is their goal, so for every pair of sneakers sold the company plants a pair of trees. In June 2020, the brand launched their own Reforestation Program in the Brazilian rainforest, where sadly 20% of the forest floor is gone.

The School of Life Essentials Range Gift Set

Price: $145

The best gifts aren’t just nice to have. They’re those that are helpful, those that meet a need, solve a problem, or help someone cope during difficult times.  This year, lend a helping hand to someone you love with a gift from The School of Life.

This gift set brings together the tools that are the most central to our mission of developing emotional intelligence. The School of Life Dictionary can help us to learn the language of emotional intelligence, Know Yourself Prompt Cards and 100 Questions cards allow us to get to know ourselves, and each other, a little better, while the 15 Minute Timer and Projects journal encourage us to take time out of our frenetic lives to spend on those projects that matter most to us. Consider this an encouraging introductory gift set with which to begin a journey of self-discovery and emotional fulfilment.

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