Take Climate Action By Using Your Power As a Consumer

As our planet enters another year of unprecedented climate events in the wake of the devastating floods and bushfires, melting glacial ice and record numbers of endangered animal species, the need for climate action is now critical.

Close your eyes and imagine, if every individual who believes climate change is an important issue was united under one banner.

The Good Empire, trailblazers in helping businesses and organisations do good for the world, have launched The Year of the Planet, with a mission to unite 1 million people to pledge to make one small change each month to live more sustainably, and together, make a big impact.

A simple pledge for climate action

A collective action is needed to confront climate change, and the Year of the Planet aims to do just that. Launching January 1st, 2020, Year of the Planet is uniting thousands of people who want to see climate action, asking them to make a pledge to one small change a month.

The first change is a simple one, but long overdue – giving up disposable coffee cups, pledgers will be supported by the community of people who have also committed, and are encouraged to share personal experiences along the way.

The Good Empire Founder, André Eikmeier, is inspired by and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is committed to helping create a better and more sustainable future for all and is starting right here in Australia.

“When I started Good Empire, I knew that I didn’t want to be just another person who complained about the problems of the world, I wanted to be a part of the solution. I wanted to bring people together who felt the same- good, smart, driven people – so we could change the things that needed changing. Bring things to life that were good for the world “ says Eikmeier.

“So I thought – what we need is a campaign where people can just make one small change at a time, get used to it, change their habits, then move onto another small change, and by the end of the year, they will have made a big change to the impact their have on the planet.

Uniting individuals and brands for climate action

I saw so many individuals and brands doing good things in sustainable living, I felt like what we needed was a campaign that everyone could come together on to amplify this movement. And so Year of the Planet was born…”

“If we make 2020 the Year of the Planet, our commitment to making small changes has the power to make a big impact.”

Excitingly, the first partnership for 2020 has been announced, with Seabin. The Year of the Planet are looking forward to creating waves in the environmental space and reaching their incredibly engaged and passionate community.

Together, the small changes we make can have a big impact. Let’s make 2020 the Year of the Planet, and pledge to make one small change in our lives each month to live more sustainably.

To join the pledge head to yearoftheplanet.org

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