Absolut Partners With Aussie Makers On Green Initiative

Absolut have partnered with four Australian creatives to launch Absolut Reuse; a sustainability initiative designed to inspire and celebrate the reuse of the otherwise wasted, old or forgotten. Showing us that with a little creativity, anything old or discarded can be reimagined into something brilliant.

A drink made of drinks

Michael Chiem, PS40’s award-winning mixologist created a ‘drink made of drinks’, with the Absolut ‘Re-tini’.

In Sydney alone, there’s over 300,000 tonnes of food waste in a typical bin in a pub or bar each year. So, Michael has created the Absolut Re-tini – a new take on the classic martini that creates new flavours from typical cocktail or kitchen ingredients which would otherwise go to waste, to show how delicious creative reuse can be.

Michael said, “Rethinking what is wasted in the bar scene is an opportunity to question current and future methods of drink creation. On a practical level, you can save money, time and energy– but also it can be a source of creativity, through a new lens where we can dream and formulate delicious drinks.”

Food made of food

Santiago Aristizabal, head chef at Rockpool Bar & Grill has created a special menu of ‘food made of food’.

In Australia, one in five shopping bags of food is thrown away, at a staggering cost of $3800 in groceries each year. And yet, many leftovers and last-loved ingredients can be the inspiration for an incredible meal.

Santiago’s advice:  

“Consider how you can use a whole ingredient in a dish, or across different parts of your menu. For example, whole roast pumpkin (with skin on) as part of a main course, with roasted pumpkin seeds sprinkled in a side salad. Be willing to think a little outside the box, and use this challenge of wasting less and reusing more to be creative in your cooking.”

“Have a plan for leftovers – without one, they can easily go to waste. Bread, pasta and rice are the most common leftovers in my kitchen, which can all be transformed into delicious meals with a little care and creativity.”

A table made of tables

Kitiya Palaskas, a craft-based designer styled ‘a table made of tables’.

Rubbish volumes  are said to rise by 30 per cent around Christmas, with single-use decorations and tableware a contributing factor. Kitiya shows us how to collect and curate from second hand stores to create an incredible table setting for upcoming summer soiree, that’s not only lightening the load on the planet, but also your pocket. Her tip: choose a colour palette to lead your treasure hunt. Being thoughtful in where things end up after a party or event is also important.

Kitiya said, ‘ The ‘Craftermath’ of my work as a craft-based designer – unused materials, off-cuts and scraps – I often donate to child care or youth centres for use in art activities.  Quite often these scraps also make their way into my own personal projects, because I relish the design challenge of working with eclectic materials to create something fresh and generate new ideas.”

Art made of art

Mikey Ting, an artist and designer created ‘art made of art’ to showcase at the lunch

Mikey shows how through his transformation of pre-loved art with bold typography, how forgotten visions can give old stories new meaning. 

Mikey said, “Reused materials have a character that can’t be replicated, with endless opportunities for reinvention. For me that’s quite varied, from ubiquitous old prints to reclaimed wood, which can be a gateway to nostalgia through our sense memories. Get inspired to work with old materials to create something new, or support the work of artists working in reuse. Ask how things are made, where the materials come from and the process that went into its creation.”

This article was sponsored by Absolut.

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